Regenerate with BMAC & Lipogem Injections

BMAC & Lipogem Injections

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and Lipogem injections for orthopedic injuries are innovative outpatient treatments that helps patients relieve pain and return to full function without surgery.


BMAC and Lipogem injections uses the patient’s own stem cells to regenerate soft tissue, cartilage, and bone. It is an innovative treatment in that it is all natural and relies on the body’s propensity to heal itself.


For patients suffering from orthopedic conditions and whose doctors have recommended surgery, contact Beyond Biologics™ to learn if non-surgical, all natural BMAC and Lipogem injections can help relieve your pain today.


Relieve pain, prevent injury, and be well with BMAC & Lipogem Injections



Rheumatoid Arthritis


Meniscal tear

ACL/LCL/MCL injuries

Patellar tendonitis

Knee bursitis

Quadriceps tendonitis

Fracture care



Labral tear





Fracture care




Rotator cuff tendonitis

Partial rotator cuff tears

Labral tears or degeneration

Fracture care

Elbow & hand

Tennis & golfer’s elbow

Thumb arthritis

Partial tears




Fracture care

Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) injury

The breakdown

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are structures that can differentiate into any type of cell in the body. When a joint, tendon, or ligament has been injured to a degree that the normal healing process has stalled or is not working correctly, injecting BMAC and Lipogem into an area of injury can help repair tissue. The functional capacity of stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissue make them ideal for injection into the site of orthopedic injuries.


BMAC and Lipogem injections can help improve pain and functional ability. In mild to moderate cases it can repair damaged tissue. In more advanced cases, it helps with pain. BMAC and Lipogem injections differ from steroid injections in that steroids help pain alone, whereas BMAC and Lipogem actually regenerate tissue.

Is it ethical?

Beyond Biologics™ harvests stem cells directly from the patient’s fat cells, or adipose tissue, and bone marrow aspirate concentrate. There are no ethical or moral issues involved in harvesting adult stem cells in this manner. The fat cells that the therapy relies upon are readily available in all patients and provide all of the healing and regenerative properties needed to effectively treat a variety of orthopedic conditions.

Where can I learn more about Lipogem and BMAC


01 Harvest

The provider will first take a small sample of adipose tissue from the patient’s “love handle” area or from the abdomen. This is done under local anesthesia to reduce discomfort.

02 Concentrate

The stem cells from the adipose tissues are then processed in a centrifuge to concentrate the healing and regenerative properties of the stem cells into fluid that will be injected into the patient.

03 Administer

Beyond Biologics™ uses ultrasound guidance to inject the stem cell solution precisely into the treatment area to restore damaged ligaments, tendons, or soft tissue.

BMAC & Lipogem Injections

Key benefits of BMAC & Lipogem Injections


In addition to the mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells, the stem cell concentrate Beyond Biologics™ uses contains similar growth factors to those found in PRP, as well cytokines, which recruit more healing cells to the site.


All Beyond Biologics™ injections are performed by Dr. William Sima and Jennifer Woodward, PA-C in a comfortable office setting. Patients are fully conscious during the procedure, which eliminates significant risks as well as the costs associated with anesthesia. Since BMAC and Lipogem injections are a non-surgical treatment option, procedures can take as little as 60 minutes.


Compared to surgery, BMAC and Lipogem injections at Beyond Biologics™ offer patients significant savings. For one thing, patients are spared the hidden costs of facility fees and general anesthesia. Additionally, since BMAC and Lipogem injections are non-surgical treatments with very little risk of complication, there is no need for patients to rack up fees by staying overnight in a hospital.


Beyond Biologics™ uses the latest techniques in BMAC and Lipogem injections and does not perform the “off-the-shelf” BMAC and Lipogem injections that some providers offer. Such procedures usually rely on stem cells harvested from umbilical cords or placental tissue, which must be sterilized in order to use. The sterilization process kills most viable cells, which is why Beyond Biologics™ takes a more advanced, effective approach. Dr. Sima harvests stem cells from the patient’s fat cells, called adipose tissue or adipose cells. When utilized in orthopedic medicine, these cells promote an environment that aids in the repair, replacement, reconstruction, and support of damaged or injured tissues.


Frequently asked questions about BMAC & Lipogem Injections

How are stem cells harvested?

Stem cells are harvested from the patient, generally from the area around the hips (the “love handles”), the abdomen, or from bone marrow. The process is relatively rapid and local anesthesia is applied to reduce any discomfort felt during the collection of adipose tissue.

What diseases and conditions can be treated with BMAC & Lipogem Injections?

BMAC and Lipogem injections can be used to treat acute and chronic injuries of muscle, tendon, ligaments, and bone, including degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis and cartilage defects. Beyond Biologics™ offers a variety of regenerative therapies to patients with orthopedic conditions. To know if stem cell therapy is right for you, contact us today to arrange a consultation.

What are the risks and side effects of BMAC & Lipogem Injections?

Serious risks or complications following BMAC and Lipogem injections are extremely rare. As BMAC and Lipogem injections are non-surgical procedures, patients need not worry about the risks that come with operations, such as anesthesia, blood clots, added pain during recovery, and more.


The side effects of BMAC and Lipogem injections align with what one might expect, with the most common effect being pain for 24-28 hours after the injection, or swelling and bruising at the injection site. In the vast majority of cases, this discomfort is quick to subside. In fact, many Beyond Biologics™ patients go to work or continue on with their day immediately following an injection. Severe complications, such as those a patient might experience after surgery, are very rare.

How long do BMAC & Lipogem Injections last?

There are a number of clinical studies showing that the results of BMAC and Lipogem injections can last for years.

Who is suitable for BMAC & Lipogem Injections?

The best way to know if you are a candidate for BMAC and Lipogem injections is to contact Beyond Biologics™ and arrange a consultation. Generally, there are no age or activity-level restrictions on patients seeking BMAC and Lipogem injections. Beyond Biologics™ regularly consults patients about their options to treat pain and injuries with regenerative medicine. Patients often come to Beyond Biologics™ after having been recommended surgery or joint replacements by other doctors.

What is the cost of a BMAC & Lipogem Injections and does insurance cover BMAC & Lipogem Injections?

Many insurance plans do not cover regenerative therapies such as BMAC and Lipogem injections. Unfortunately, this means that patients often pay for treatment out-of-pocket. Though the out-of-pocket expenses are not ideal, injection therapies cost vastly less than the surgical alternative. To get an idea of what your treatment would cost, it is best to contact Beyond Biologics™ directly.

BMAC and Lipogem injections have not yet been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. You are encouraged to consult with your primary care physician prior to undergoing BMAC and Lipogem injections.

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