Shoulder injuries

Beyond Biologics™ is your non-surgical alternative for shoulder pain and injuries

Beyond Biologics™ offers non-surgical stem cell and blood platelet procedures
to patients suffering from various shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff injuries, labral tears, and shoulder tendonitis. With innovative, outpatient injections, Beyond Biologics™ helps patients of the Central Coast get back to the active lifestyles they enjoy without surgery, significant down-time, or costly hospital stays.

BMAC & Lipogem Injections for shoulder injuries

Beyond Biologics™ withdraws adult stem cells from adipose fat tissue for injection into the precise area of shoulder injury. These stem cells allow the patient to harness the body’s natural healing abilities without resorting to surgery.
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Restores degenerative tissue

Same-day procedure

Lubricates joints and improves mobility

PRP injections for shoulder injuries

With PRP injections, Beyond Biolgics uses innovative techniques to deliver a powerful mixture of growth factors directly to the site of the shoulder injury, dramatically enhancing the body’s natural healing process.
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Only mild pain and stiffness

Quick return to daily activities

Out-patient procedure

Relieve your shoulder pain while avoiding anesthesia and post-surgical hurdles like blood clots, infections, and a long recovery time. Contact Beyond Biologics™ today to find out which regenerative treatment is right for you.


What are the types of injections for shoulder pain?

Beyond Biologics™ utilizes both PRP and stem cell injections to treat shoulder injuries and APS to treat shoulder osteoarthritis. Depending on your condition, a combination of therapies may be recommended. All of the regenerative therapies offered deliver highly concentrated healing factors directly to the site of injury under precise ultrasound guidance, naturally stimulating the reparative processes of your body, enhancing functionality and reducing the pain associated with injury.

Do shoulder pain injections hurt?

In general, patients do not report significant pain following a shoulder pain injections such as APS, PRP, or BMAC and Lipogem injections. As one might expect with any injection procedure, patients may experience swelling, stiffness, or mild to moderate discomfort that lasts a few hours after the injection. Such mild discomfort is normal, however, and the affected area will begin to heal almost right away.

Are there any risks and precautions for undergoing shoulder pain injections?

Serious risks or complications following shoulder pain injections are extremely rare. As APS, PRP, and BMAC and Lipogem injections are non-surgical procedures, patients need not worry about the risks that come with operations, such as anesthesia, blood clots, added pain during recovery, and more.


The side effects of shoulder pain injections align with what one might expect, with the most common effect being elbow pain for 24-28 hours after the injection, or swelling and bruising at the injection site. In the vast majority of cases, this discomfort is quick to subside. In fact, many Beyond Biologics™ patients go to work or continue on with their day immediately following an injection. Severe complications, such as those a patient might experience after surgery, are very rare.

Is there any preparation required before the procedure?

Depending on the type of therapy for your shoulder pain or injury, Beyond Biologics™ staff will let you know what to expect and how to prepare for it. You may be asked to drink plenty of fluids the day before the procedure, or stop taking certain medications 2 to 3 weeks prior to the procedure. In any case, Beyond Biologics™ will discuss this with you in detail so you can prepare for your treatment and if needed, make practical arrangements such as requesting to be off work, or arranging for a child or pet care.

Will getting this kind of treatment affect my day-to-day activities?

Many patients report being pain free following the shoulder pain injection, and patients have also reported using less pain medication and gaining greater joint motion. Overall, patients get back to regular daily activities with greater speed and ease than they otherwise would with surgery or other traditional treatments. It is often advised that patients perform stretching and strengthening exercises after the injections as part of a home exercise program. Gentle stretching for the muscles around the injected area can usually be started immediately after the injection; however, strengthening exercises should not begin immediately, as the tissues require healing time after the injection before being heavily stressed.


For athletes, sport-specific exercises such as throwing or simulated sport drills will be gradually encouraged as soon as possible. Others may require a home exercise plan before returning to a full occupational workload or activities such as gardening or housecleaning. For athletes and non-athletes alike, your Beyond Biologics™ provider will discuss the most appropriate return-to-sport or activity plan for you after a APS, PRP, or BMAC and Lipogem injections and will advise you on the acceptable level of activity at each stage of your rehabilitation process.

How long does an injection last and how often should I get a shot for shoulder pain?

There are a number of clinical studies showing that the results of effective regenerative therapy can last for years, though the frequency with which a patient gets injections for shoulder pain would depend on the assessment of your provider.

What can I expect after a shoulder pain injection?

Following the shoulder pain injection, Beyond Biologics™ generally keeps patients under observation for up to 30 minutes. Patients may experience slight discomfort in the area of the injection that can last for a few days or up to a week. Although it can seem like the injury actually feels worse than it did before the treatment, it is important to remember that there is a good reason for that— the injection triggered an inflammatory response that is quite normal.


Once the patient returns home, it is typical to ice the injected area for pain relief or to limit activities as much as needed. Generally, Tylenol is suggested for pain relief. Ibuprofin or other anti-inflammatories are not advised, as the treatment is designed to trigger an inflammatory response and those medicines will thwart that. Some providers will recommend avoiding heavy or repetitive physical activity with the treated body part for up to a week to allow the healing to occur.

What does a shoulder pain injection cost?

Many insurance plans do not cover regenerative therapies such as APS, PRP, or BMAC and Lipogem injections for shoulder pain. Unfortunately, this means that patients often pay for treatment out-of-pocket. Though the out-of-pocket expenses are not ideal, injection therapies cost vastly less than the surgical alternative. To get an idea of what your treatment would cost, it is best to contact Beyond Biologics™ directly.

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